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Comics are my life!

I've spent many years writing stories at, I joined in 2000 when it was known as, and have been a member on and off since then. Here is a link to my portfolio at

Sam's Portfolio at Writing.Com

I plan on storing my comics at DeviantArt, here is the link to my portfolio there:

Sam Orona (Ace Corona) at Deviant Art

Here are some images I made, some of them correspond to stories I wrote at

These images are in a WOW slider, simply click on the pause button in the middle to stop them from moving so you can see them, then click on the pause button to resume movement so you can move onto the next one!

  • aleena_churn
  • aleena_cover
  • corky
  • german_girl
  • rhonda
aleena_churn1 aleena_cover2 corky3 german_girl4 gretchen5 rhonda6 by v8.7.1m